Friday, June 4, 2010

The balance of Nature

This morning I wandered into the kitchen to get breakfast and discovered, to my consternation, a tiny bird beak, one foot and about 7 feathers, lying on the floor. I rushed over to my bird aviary in the living room to count the inhabitants. With relief, I realized everyone was accounted for.

Under the feeling of relief, there was a twinge of guilt for releasing my carnivorous felines out into the wild bird domain. I love birds, but I also love cats so I guess I have to accept that there is a balance to nature. I just know that I would NOT be that accepting if my precious furbabies were to injure my sweet pet birdies.

So when I crack open a chicken egg and fry up some bacon, I think, “Good thing I don’t raise those adorable pink piglets myself….. I wouldn’t have anything to eat!”

Saturday, May 8, 2010

You want to scratch my back???

No silly, it’s not about back scratching... It is about starting from scratch. Beginning anew... starting from nothing... It is about new beginnings and a new journey. It is also about making life a bit more simple...going back to the basics. Back to the simpler times, when Grandma baked cookies and children were raised by the whole family. When you didn't "nuke" your dinner or "IM" your friends. When actual conversations took place instead of text messaging and email.

Back to Scratch... Making food from scratch, growing your own vegetables, living in a small town and knowing the names of your neighbors... I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I long for a simpler time. I want life to move at a slower pace. My daughters are growing up so fast that a year seems to pass in the blink of an eye.

I am now faced with the very real possibility of having to go back to a full time office job, where my presence in the home will be as dinner chef, household maid, and drill sergeant for chores and homework. Yuk!! That is NOT how I want my girls to remember me.

So... I am going to plant a garden in my side yard. And grow vegetables and make the girls pull weeds (No.. Mom... please, No!!). They might even actually enjoy it and learn to "eat" the vegetables! I am going to teach them to cook (might have to take a few classes myself. LOL). And to do their own laundry and take care of themselves a bit more. In order to do all of this... I will need time to be present, to be home, to be Mom. Maybe, I can get more web clients in my business ( so that I can generate some monthly income that might allow me to stay self-employed and available to my girls.

So... Back to Scratch... means to me... Back to the basics of Life.