Friday, June 4, 2010

The balance of Nature

This morning I wandered into the kitchen to get breakfast and discovered, to my consternation, a tiny bird beak, one foot and about 7 feathers, lying on the floor. I rushed over to my bird aviary in the living room to count the inhabitants. With relief, I realized everyone was accounted for.

Under the feeling of relief, there was a twinge of guilt for releasing my carnivorous felines out into the wild bird domain. I love birds, but I also love cats so I guess I have to accept that there is a balance to nature. I just know that I would NOT be that accepting if my precious furbabies were to injure my sweet pet birdies.

So when I crack open a chicken egg and fry up some bacon, I think, “Good thing I don’t raise those adorable pink piglets myself….. I wouldn’t have anything to eat!”